All of the Things I'm Loving Right Now

Things that Keep Us Healthy

“When I came back from my trip, I desperately needed a little detox in my life. I’ve also been working to be stronger in general, aka more time spent exercising and strengthening my bones and muscles. Fond Bone Broth Tonics are surprisingly tasty and do a body good. With a bad back, I’ve been reading up on the benefits of bone broth—and this is the first one I’ve tried that’s been helpful and delicious! Veggies Made Great Fritattas have been my go to breakfast as of late. I can make them in the microwave in 45 seconds and take them with me to work! I have a hard time getting enough vegetables because I just don’t love them, but sneaking them into breakfast has been amazing. And fun fact: my whole family will eat these, which makes them a food staple in my house!

I’m always nervous about pesticides when I buy fresh produce. Since shopping at Farmer’s Markets isn’t always in the cards with a busy work schedule and active kid, I was thrilled to test out Teal Trunk silicone scrubbers on my fruits and veggies. What I love MOST about this product is it’s something my 4 year old can use and it keeps her involved in her own health and safety.

Of course, I’m also about my dog, Hunter’s, health and happiness, which is why I can’t stop talking about Olvi Pet. These are all natural dog treats and the dentabars are hands down one of the most effective treats for stinky dog breath and he gobbles them right up!”


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